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Woodland Pals Preschool, is a privately owned preschool focused on providing high-quality service and childcare.

Woodland Pals is for 0-8 year old children and has been open since September 2012. We operate from Kirton and Falkenham Village hall, Falkenham Road, Kirton IP10 0QW, our aim is to provide a happy, relaxed and safe learning environment for all our children. We encourage the children to engage in activities to promote their developing skills and enhance their learning. Woodland Pals is somewhere they can come to make friends, have fun, learn and develop.


We are OFSTED registered and we have a friendly team who are always available to help you with any queries, Julie Gardiner has over 20 years experience and holds her NVQ level 4 in early childhood studies and at least half of the staff are trained to a level 2 or equivalent

Our staff ratio is one adult to every three 0-2 year olds, one adult to every four 2 year olds, one adult to every eight 3+ year olds and one adult to every ten 5+ year olds There will always be a qualified first aider present during all sessions.

At Woodland Pals we believe that children learn better when they are having fun and feel happy and secure and our preschool offers a variety of activities and equipment to aid this. We provide opportunities for the children to express themselves and make decisions through creative play, spontaneous play, adult led activities, educational visitors and outings. We will work closely with the parents/guardians of all our children to help them achieve their best and become confident independent individuals.

We are open 44 weeks a year, 5 days a week for the following hours:

Monday 8.30am-4pm

Tuesday 8.30am-4pm

Wednesday 8.30am-4pm

Thursday 8.30am-4pm

Friday 8.30am-4pm


from 6th April 2020 our fees will be:

0-2 yr olds £6.50 per hour, £39.00 full day, or £175.00 full week;

2 yr olds £6.00 per hour, £36.00 full day, or £162.00 full week;

3-5 yr olds £5.50 per hour, £33.00 full day, or £148.00 full week;

5+ yr olds £5.00 per hour, £30.00 full day, or £135.00 full week.

for regular booked sessions.  For ad hoc sessions the fees will be:

All ages £6.50 per hour, or £39.00 full day.  

We do not set any session times and offer a flexible childcare system, where you can book the hours that you require when you need them. no obligation to book every week or use a minimum amount of hours. This is based on each family/child individually. You do not need to book in complete hours or sessions, hours can be booked as and when needed, you do not need to book regular sessions or hours. (all we require is 24 hours notice of a booking).

The fees are payable monthly, in advance for regular hours, a bill will be issued from the preschool. For extra hours or drop in sessions a bill will be issued weekly in arrears. Or you can pay as you use. We are in receipt of the Early Years Free Entitlement to 15 or 30 hours per week free nursery education funding for three and four year olds; where funding is not received, then fees apply. We are also able to offer 15 hours funded for some 2 year olds (terms and conditions apply). For your child to keep their place at the setting, you must pay the fees.

We are, unfortunately, unable to offer reduced rates for illness/time off taken during term time. Therefore if your child misses any sessions through illness, short notice you will be billed as usual. However if you are able to give us 2 weeks or more notice of absence then we will not charge you for those sessions.

In order to secure a place for your child we require a completed application form to be returned, if booking a term or more in advance then we will also require a deposit of £75 to secure the place.  The deposit will be taken off your last invoice before you leave. (if only accessing government funded hours your deposit will be returned once funding is secured).  

We currently have very limited availability for new admissions until August 2021 and are now taking bookings from September 2021 and into 2022.

A full copy of the settings Policies and Procedures are available to view on the application form link, at Woodland Pals Preschool or on our admin system Famly.

Our policies help us to make sure that the service provided by us is a high quality one and that being a member of Woodland Pals is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and their parents.


forms available via the following links:

application form:

change of session request:

notification of leaving form:

holiday request form:

if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

07783 860097 (during session times)

01394 448897 (private number out of session times)

email: [email protected]

Woodland Pals Preschool

Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall

Falkenham Road


Ipswich IP10 0QW

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